The Constellations

Site-specific installation, scores, textile and vinyl prints of different sizes, 2022 How do we use auto-ethnography to explore different translations of intergenerational trauma? What are the ways we can map cognitive labour of self-care? And what type of alternative queer thought styles and systems we can create, nurture or negotiate to model sustainable examples of… Continue reading The Constellations

Adapting by Transgressing

Textile diptych & artistic fabulation, 2021 Adapting by Transgressing is a textile diptych, featuring two flags (blankets) of similar size, composed of quilting and embroidery techniques. Their positioning in relation to one another and the space prompts a choreographic engagement from the viewer — an invitation to traverse between and around — engaging with textiles… Continue reading Adapting by Transgressing

Chess of Rites

90×90 cm cotton and silk, 32 custom engraved figures from metal, Edition: Unique, 2019 In what way do epigenetics condition our decision-making and identification protocols? What can we learn from identity progressions and ritualizations in service of establishing better internal self-care mechanisms? Where are the boundaries between authentic thought styles and socio-cultural designs? And in… Continue reading Chess of Rites

Memento Pudorem

Mixed media installation: 40 medical jars, preservation liquid, and various objects donated by participants. Editions: Unique, 2016- 2020. The project Memento Pudorem is a compilation of research experiments focusing on psycho-cultural, legislative, material and archival aspects of the notion of shame. Drawing from Lacan’s Dialectical Materialism, Martha Nussbaum’s work Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the… Continue reading Memento Pudorem

All of those constructs they made you call pleasure.

Various objects, different sizes, 2019 The ‘cult of happiness’ as some may call it, is a controversial neoliberal phenomenon that has infiltrated the mindsets of our contemporary society, led by the hyper-insistent premise that encourages the constant need for pleasurable stimulants, indulgences and social correction. If we would take on Michel Foucault’s conceptualization of the… Continue reading All of those constructs they made you call pleasure.

Dialectics of Value

The exhibition Dialectics of Value opens a topic connected to the relations between the production of value and the notion of shame. Viewing shame through the paradigm of the contemporary 24/7 modes of production (Crary, 2013), Knezović examines different frameworks of value assignment inside late capitalism.