two steps forward, one step back

Site-specific installation: Strings, paper, stones, 2019. two steps forward, one step back —through playful diagrams and maps, the artist deconstructs and traces correlations between individual and institutional incarcerative strategies by looking at different cultural performances, infrastructural assets and language.

Old News

Mixed media installation: paper, silicon, 3D prints, 2016

Only Victor’s Justice

Afromosia wood, mahogany, leather, inkwells, paper, blood, 2015 The unavoidable compulsion for power and dominance is perhaps one of the most significant factors shaping history itself. The ability to influence and control circumstances, and to exercise power inside a political or social context, is endemic to humans as social beings. In this sense, history has… Continue reading Only Victor’s Justice

On The Threshold

Video installation, performance, 2014 “Even if one is not an actual immigrant or expatriate, it is still possible to think as one, to imagine and investigate in spite of barriers, and always to move away from the centralizing authorities towards the margins, where you see things that are usually lost on minds that have never… Continue reading On The Threshold


Digital /Analog photographs (prints), 2012 Family album 1982-2011 lineage, archives and the space that memory becomes …