The Constellations

Site-specific installation, scores, textile and vinyl prints of different sizes, 2022

The Mess We Come To Love, 2022
Call My Mind and Tell It I’m Not Coming Back, 2022
David and Goliath in Wonderland, 2022

How do we use auto-ethnography to explore different translations of intergenerational trauma? What are the ways we can map cognitive labour of self-care? And what type of alternative queer thought styles and systems we can create, nurture or negotiate to model sustainable examples of social participation and psycho-cultural dynamics?

The project The Constellation is a series of auto-ethnographic scores and constellations — a fabulatory artistic inquisitions examining different ontologies of self-care, tropes of failure, trauma negotiation and intellectual neurosis while probing through satirical humour precariousness of societal emotional strategies.

The initial works were made as large-scale vinyl installations translated onto the space of the gallery-covering every corner with diagrams and text. The diagrams hold game-like elements, through which one can browse, examine, and interact.