Lighter Than Matter, Heavier Than Mind

2019, Coper tubes 2.5 cm, bronze plum-bob, 5 antique plates different sizes, wire, wax candle, Editions: Unique

The kinetic sculpture takes as its starting point a flirtation between temporality and shame: it is an aspect of the artistic exploration of the concept of shame through the relations of social value/measuring, through the temporal paradigms of contemporary reality. For the sculpture’s operation, the artist used the principle of our internal turmoil and the balancing of identity, time and aspiration within the 24/7 reality and the extreme pressures of Western life, which creates a vacuum of an endless circle of demands and desires. The piece unveils the connection between such yearning and the feeling of shame through the artist’s imaginary system for scaling with regards to the swift transfer of market demands that we must all follow.