On The Threshold

Video installation, performance, 2014

“Even if one is not an actual immigrant or expatriate, it is still possible to think as one, to imagine and investigate in spite of barriers, and always to move away from the centralizing authorities towards the margins, where you see things that are usually lost on minds that have never travelled beyond the conventional and the comfortable.” Edward W. Said, in Ranjan Ghosh (ed.), Edward Said and the Literary, Social, and Political World (2009).

On the Threshold is a multimedia project, that looks at the intimate condition of globalized individuals through immigrants’ confessions. The project unfolds various stories —individual testimonials —reviewing the 2013-2015 European migrant crisis, its cultural insurgencies and collaterals brought by geo-political turmoils. The projections create an aesthetic landscape, followed by different storylines reflecting intimate topologies of care, trauma and transcultural negotiations.

Aksioma gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014